Polishing is the final steps before evaluation of your sample, and usually consists of two seperate steps. Polishing and final polishing

It is normally done with 3 µm diamonds, and generally with a soft polishing cloth like Aka-Molan for soft to medium hard materials, and a hard polishing cloth like Aka-Ramda for any other materials.

Final Polishing
is done with oxides on most materials, and diamonds in the case of very hard materials like ceramics.

Type of carrier
A wide range of diamond products are availble suiting a varyarty of specific uses. In general Pastes or Sticks are used for preloading a polishing cloth. During polishing diamonds are usually dosed with a combination product like DiaMaxx or DiaDoublo. These suspensions with built in lubrication is very convinient way of working and gives reliable results.

A more economic way of dosing is real suspensions like Aka-Poly and Aka-Mono in combination with seperate dosing of lubricant. This allows for precise and economic dosing of diamonds. Few diamonds when working with soft materials or small samples, and much diamond when working with hard materials or large areas.

An even more economic way is Aka-Poly+ and Aka-Mono+ instead of the normal suspensions. There higly concentrated suspensions require only 50% dosing of a normal suspension.