Polishing Cloths

Polishing Cloths
Wide selection and unique features

We have a complete selection of polishing cloths for metallographic sample preparation. The cloths contain a polymer barrier that keeps lubricant and abrasive at the surface where it maintains active:

Wide selection, from fine grinding to final polishing
Resistant to water, ethanol and oil based suspensions
Permanent tap for easy cloth removal
Special for self-adhesive cloths:

Perfect adhesion, no glue residue
All plastic liner for easy removal
QR Code for quick information access
Batch code
From 32 mm til 1250 mm
Barrier layer A chemically inert barrier layer shields the glue from chemicals and makes the cloths resistant to a wide range of suspensions and lubricants.

Special adhesive with low tack makes it easy to place the cloth on the disc. In case of air bubbles it can easily be taken off and replaced with-out glue residue.

A wide tap makes it easy to pull off the cloth after use without aid of any tool.

QR code Scan the permanent QR code on the back and get instant access to SDS, user guide and preparation tips. There is even batch number on the cloth.

Standard available in 32 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm and 350 mm. Any other size up to 1250 mm available on special orders

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