It is Our Decision
To Stay Focus and Be Professional

Victor Equipments Resources is an associate company of Obsnap Instruments that established in 1997. With a combined experience of nearly twenty years of practical consultation and professional solution provider for material testing, Victor Equipments Resources is formed with a pure intention to serve Malaysia and S.E.A countries as an innovative force in the development and delivery of precision material testing instruments for all types of materials.

Originally focused on providing material testing equipment to metal and plastic related industries in Malaysia, and depending largely on hard prospecting method to generate customer base. Victor Equipments Resources has evolved into a reputable equipment supplier providing an expanded series of material testing equipment to various industries and segments of the entire material testing needs, from industrial to education and research. We now enjoy getting referral leads from our existing large customer base.

Stringent quality standards are the most important aspect in the development and distribution of Victor equipment. Victor Equipments Resources continues to provide cost effective and quality material testing solutions that give our clients access to precision and reliable material testing equipment, made to the high performance over price ratio.

Basically, Victor Equipment Resources intends to earn the trust and loyalty of our clients while offering only products of the highest quality at prices that will remain fair and justified.

The Victor team is now composed of a diverse group of experienced professionals that are qualified with MBA, service engineer, material engineer that have more than 10 years of experience




Be an Asia Pacific, regional leading enterprise that is pursuing continuous scientific and technical innovation that serve annual 10,000 clientele needs for material research, development and quality control.

We endeavor to be the positive force to push forward the complete awareness of our client to producing high quality goods through the adoption of the right material testing equipment that are precise, reliable and durable .

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