Plastic & Rubber Testing Machine

HZ-1713 PVC film lamination film plane plot

HZ-1713 PVC film lamination film plane plot used to test plastic materials, PVC[...]

HZ-1712 Test Instrument for PVC profile size changes

HZ-1712 Test Instrument for PVC profile size changes is with high precision[...]

HZ-1711 Door window open for flat in hardware system

This  is used for building windows and doors[...]

HZ-1710 PVC doors and windows weld strength test equipment

used to measure the position of the fracture strength of the corner windows.[...]

HZ-1709 PVC sections impact test machine

HZ-1709 PVC sections impact test machine is a new type impact testing machine[...]

HZ-1756 Acid-base tester

HZ-1756 Acid-base tester is specialized to test PH.Test range is 0~14 PH[...]

HZ-1757 Surface thermometer

HZ-1757 Surface thermometer can measure series of material,goods or temperature of the inner case.[...]

HZ-1755 Pneumatic automatic slicer

HZ-1755 Pneumatic automatic slicer uses pneumatic as motive power[...]

HZ-1754 Specimen whittled machine

This machine is applied in hardness plastic material, assorted mold,whittled, planing[...]

HZ-1753 Impact test cutting angle test machine

HZ-1753 Impact test cutting angle test machine used to cut plastic. It cuts the sample into standard[...]

HZ-1752 Anti-scrape test machine

This test machine mainly used to test the scrape resistance of plastic piece[...]

HZ-1751 Tablet sulfur molding machine

auto control with high integrated level[...]

HZ-1750 Melting point measuring machine

HZ-1750 Melting point measuring machine is composed by a observed enlarger[...]

HZ-1748 Capillary rheometer

This is dedicated to measuring high polymer flow properties and viscosity  characteristics of thermoplastic[...]

HZ-1747 Table interfacial tension test equipment

The is simple test equipment, physical methods instead of chemical method[...]

HZ-1746 Disc peel test machine

This is applied to the gravure printing process to produce plastic film and cellophane[...]

HZ-1745 Spiral cutter

HZ-1745 Spiral cutter used for cutting plastic composite pipe instrument. The device structure is simple, easy[...]

HZ-1744 Torsional twist of sexual tester

This is used to test polyethylene film twist twist and longitudinal tear[...]

HZ-1743 Bag fatigue testing machine

This machine is built a certain weight of objects, hand bags[...]

HZ-1742 Apparent density detector

This  is  used for the Determination of  apparent density of the loose material[...]

HZ-1741 Double-check method the gas transmission rate tester

used to plastic film, bottles, bags, cans, boxes and other containers[...]

HZ-1740 Thermoplastic valves bend tightness testing machine

used in thermoplastic valve between  pairs of support (Charpy) resistant[...]

HZ-1739 Film Friction Tester

This is applicable to the measurement of plastic film and sheeting, rubber, paper, cardboard, conveyor belts[...]

HZ-1737A Dichloromethane impregnated test machine

HZ-1737A Dichloromethane impregnated test machine is constant[...]

HZ-1736 Plastic pipe pressure burst test machine

This is a PLC  and touch screen operation and data processing[...]

HZ-1735 Plastic pellets pressure flakes machine

suitable to apply in the hot press forming, cutting, pressed into production use.[...]

HZ-1734 Sponge foam compression tester

Meet the national standard GB/T6669-2008 needs.[...]

HZ-1733B Muffle furnace (general style)

Box-type muffle furnace or electric furnace, also known as Mao-Fu furnace[...]

Muffle furnace (programmatic) HZ-1733A

This muffle furnace is used to heat, roast, dry, heat treatment[...]

HZ-1731 Foam indentation hardness tester

This tester is a requirement under the standard size foam sample[...]

HZ-1730 Foam Resilience Tester

applicable to the determination of flexible polyurethane foam rebound performance off the ball.1730[...]

HZ-1729 Foam repeated indentation fatigue tester

To measure the performance of  the soft foam sample.[...]

HZ-1728 Material polished tester

HZ-1728 Material polished tester polished, worn thin or grind the required thickness of the specimen.[...]

HZ-1727 Constant temperature water bath

This is mainly from the constant temperature water bath[...]

HZ-1726 Viscocity-Meter

Mainly used for the main components of PVC resin or vinyl chloride copolymer cyclohexanone[...]

HZ-1725 Oxygen index detector

For plastic, rubber, fiber, foam, film, and film and other materials[...]

HZ-1724A Electric compression molding test machine

molding test machine (manual or electric)[...]

HZ-1724B Electric sulfur machine

placed within the mold, sandwiched between the mechanical and electrical hot plate[...]

HZ-1723 Pipe notch test machine

HZ-1723 Pipe notch test machine is buried Polyethylene Gas Pipe (PE) incision system prototype[...]

HZ-1722 Plastic pipe valve testing machine

This is used for the detection of PE gas valve to bear of the bending load[...]

HZ-1721 Sample saw

HZ-1721 Sample saw is a plastic sheet, pipe cutting equipment for samples[...]

HZ-1720 Flat pipe testing machine

HZ-1720 Flat pipe testing machine flat to flat test tube of special equipment.[...]

HZ-1719 Pipe creep rate test machine

This machine can test the ring stiffness of the online, offline ring stiffness.[...]

HZ-1718 Rigid tube bending test machine

This is used for insulating electrical casing materials[...]

HZ-1717 Horizontal and vertical burning tester

This is applicable to solid materials and the apparent density measured[...]

HZ-1716 Pressure plastic pipe loop impact test machine

for testing pipes, fittings, or piping system[...]

HZ-1715 plastic pipe tensile and compression testing machine

control, measurement, operational integration of structure[...]

HZ-1714 Vacuum leak testing machine

used in PVC pipe with elastic sealing ring type flexible connection[...]

HZ-1708B Thermal deformation

used for the thermal deformation of the polymer materials[...]

HZ-1708 Heat deformation Vicat softening testing machine

rapid development of plastics industry[...]

HZ-1707 Dumbbell shape sample cutter

diversification Dumbbell shape cutter for non-metallic dumbbell-shaped tensile[...]

HZ-1706C Melt Flow Rate Meter

Melt Flow Indexer meets the requirement of GB/T3682-2000 & ASTM D1238-98.[...]

HZ-1706B Melt flow rate meter

Melt flow rate meter is used to determine the melt flow rate of thermoplastics[...]

HZ-1706A Melting index tester

can be used for ABS, polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastic materials[...]

HZ-1704 Drop ball impact test machine

Drop ball impact test machine provided the machine is the weight of steel ball[...]

HZ-1703C Drop hammer impact test machine for Profile

Profile drop hammer impact test machine applied to plastic profile and plastic doors[...]

HZ-1703B Stereoplasm plastic hammer drop testing machine

HZ-1703B drop hammer impact test machine adopts the free fall drop hammer impact test pieces[...]

HZ-1704 Drop ball impact test machine

Drop ball impact test machine provided the machine is the weight of steel ball[...]

HZ-1703B Stereoplasm plastic hammer drop testing machine

HZ-1703B drop hammer impact test machine adopts the free fall drop hammer impact test pieces[...]

HZ-1703A Drop hammer impact test instrument

HZ-1703A  Drop hammer impact test instrument  of high impact toughness[...]

HZ-1702C Charpy impact testing instrument

This instrument for fiber for pointer degrees, electric hammer body disc.[...]

HZ-1702B Plastic tensile Impact Testing Machine

This Machine is use to plastic, nylon, rubber, glass, steel,[...]

HZ-1702A Cantilever beam impact testing machine

This impact testing machine is used to test the nonmetal materials[...]

HZ-7079 Arc Resistance Tester

The test machine is in accordance with ASTMD 49-99, GB1411 design Table I[...]

HZ-7081 Rubber conveyor belt hot vulcanizing press

Our products are mainly applied to industries for splicing and repairing[...]

HZ-7080 Tracking Index Tester

It uses a rectangular platinum electrodes, bipolar force on the sample were 1.0N ± 0.05N.[...]

HZ-7078 Film gas permeability tester

This adopts the principle of the pressure difference to measure the permeability of gas.[...]

HZ-7049C rubber pelletizing line–PVC pelletizing machine

This line is mainly used for plastic powder, wood powder, bamboo powder[...]

HZ-7049B rubber pelletizing line–TPR pelletizing machine

This granule line is specialized for TPR granulizing and working[...]

HZ-7049A Rubber preformer

Rubber preformer is a kind of high precision rubber Glue grey production equipment[...]

HZ-7048B Mixer-Kneader–3L

Equipment summary: this machine has character itself as environmental-friendly, high-efficiency[...]

HZ-7048A mixer-kneader–1L

this machine has character itself as environmental-friendly, high-efficiency and good dispersing effect[...]

HZ-7045 Rubber ring density tester

HZ-7045 Rubber ring density tester detect a variety of rubber seals density[...]

HZ-7044 High Quality Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

Digital tire pressure gauge used in automotive tire pressure monitoring.[...]

HZ-7043 Pointer push pull meter

Pointer push pull meter is a high precision small, portable, push pull testing equipment.[...]

HZ-7042 Infrared electronic moisture meter

When the meter test moisture content of material, it composited by balance and capacity.  [...]

HZ-7040 Pneumatic cut specimen machine

Product summary HZ-7040 Pneumatic cut specimen machine uses pneumatic cut all kinds of specimens for laboratory[...]

HZ-7039 Silicone thermal conductivity testing machine

This machine test thin conductor of heat, and solid electrical insulating materials,[...]

HZ-7038 Car tire Traveling Life Tester

Car tire Traveling Life Tester is a test machine which is used to test the life of the wheel of[...]

HZ-7037 Tire impact testing machine

The testing machine used to evaluate the axial road wheels[...]

HZ-7036 Constant Temperature Oil Tank

This slot is specifically test oil resistance of various materials.[...]

HZ-7035 Constant temperature tank

observe whether the deterioration of the surface with or without blistering, discoloration[...]

HZ-7033 Fatigue testing machine

Fatigue testing machine is designed according to international standards[...]

HZ-7032 Rubber Brittle Test Equipment

test material at low temperatures of the provisions of this machine impregnated ..[...]

HZ-7031 Professional rubber buckling test equipment

This instrument is dedicated to testing a variety of rubber materials[...]

HZ-7030 Tire-resistant hydraulic burst test machine

  Advanced technology, reasonable structure design.[...]

HZ-7027 Rubber Compression Heat Testing Machine

The lever system of rubber compression heat testing machine[...]

HZ-7026 Rubber hose friction tester

This is mainly used for rubber hose hose outer cover of abrasion resistance test.[...]

HZ-7025 Rubber gas permeability tester

apply to the plastic film composite membrane, the barrier material,  sheet[...]

HZ-7023 Voltage breakdown tester

HZ-7023 Voltage breakdown tester mainly applied in solid insulating materials[...]

HZ-7022 Oxygen index tester

used to determine the polymer to the desired oxygen concentration in combustion process.[...]

HZ-7021 Tyre Diffusion And Solubility Coefficient Test +Tire Air Tightness Tester

applies to the plastic film, complex film, sheet of gas at various temperatures  [...]

HZ-7020 Belt Fatigue test machine

used for the wire rope conveyor belt rubber adhesion strength of the dynamic test[...]

HZ-7019B Tire strength test machine

The fracture energy test (Plunger Energy, test) in accordance with international norms[...]

HZ-7019A Tires Comprehensive Strength Testing Machine

This is used to test engineering tires, truck tires, light truck tires[...]

HZ-7018 Brake hose flex fatigue testing machine

a deflection action for analog brake hose under high pressure to a certain frequency[...]

HZ-7017B Carbon black dispersion tester

HZ-7017B Carbon black dispersion tester is optically obtained mixing glue[...]

HZ-7017A Carbon black analysis instrument

Specializes in providing the observed dispersion of carbon black in rubber[...]

HZ-7015B Open rubber mixing mill (water-cooled)

This machine suitable for plastic industry polymer material mixing and processing[...]

HZ-7015A Open rubber mixing mill

suitable for plastic industry polymer material mixing and processing[...]

HZ-7014 Flat Vulcanizing Machine

can be used in pressing all kinds of rubber model & non-model product[...]

HZ-7013 Plus sulfur electric machine

Equipment Description: HZ-7013 Electric plus sulfur molding machine, including the box[...]

HZ-7012 High-precision laser cutter

High-precision laser cutter, complete use of computers, lasers & other high-tech equipment[...]

HZ-7011 Automatic rubber cutting machine

for cutting all kinds of rubber products, plastic and other non-metallic materials[...]

HZ-7010 Distortion of permanent comprssion testing machine

applies a constant strain compression deformation of the test method.  [...]

HZ-7009 Grinder

Grinding machines specially designed for grinding rubber plants[...]

HZ-7008 Double-headed (fast) Slicer

Double-quick slicing machine for cutting Rubber Research Institute of plasticity[...]

HZ-7007A Reciprocating compression testing machine

The machine can test rubber anti-vibration rubber[...]

HZ-7006D Compression rebound tester

used to test performance of rebound for rubber after a certain time and pressure.[...]

HZ-7006C Rebound elasticity tester

The tester used to test elastic rebound of sulfur rubber.[...]

HZ-7006B Vertical Flexible Tester

The tester is based on the vertical free-fall hammer method to test the elasticity of rubber materials[...]

HZ-7006A Flexible testing machine

The machine is energy 0.5J pendulum-type impact testing machine flexibility[...]

HZ-7005 Rubber explicit abrasion machine

This machine is used to measure the wear resistance of vulcanized rubber[...]

HZ-7004 Rubber low temperature brittleness tester

This is used to measure the highest temperature[...]

HZ-1701 Semi-automatic Charpy Impact Tester

HZ-1701 is a semi-automatic Charpy impact test machine[...]

HZ-7003 Rubber Fatigue Cracking Tester

used to measure cracking performance[...]

HZ-7002 Rubber-weiss plasticity testing machine

for testing of plastic values for raw rubber, plastic rubber mixing, rubber compound[...]

HZ-7001B Mooney Viscometer

for rubber vulcanization index determination[...]

HZ-7001 No Rotor rheometer

widely used tester in rubber processing industry, quality control & basic research[...]