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Metallographic Sample Preparation for Automotive Metal Parts     

VICTOR’s HITECH (Italy) covers a complete and competitive range of Metallography instruments and AKASEL (Denmark) consumables for Metallographic Sample Preparation.

HITECH Sample preparation starts with good HITECH Abrasive Cut Off saw (Cutter) and good “Cutting” means a good start. It is important to select the right cut-off wheel to ensure NO burn and distortion on thesample and it is the best way to save time and consumable for subsequent preparation process.
After cutting the specimen, the next step is Mounting Press. The aim of HITECH Mounting Press is to handle small or odd shaped specimens and to protect fragile materials, thin layers or coating during preparation as well as to provide good edge retention. HITECH Mounting Press produces specimens with uniform size so that it is easier to handle in HITECH Grinding / Polishing Machine.  HITECH Grinding / Polishing Machine produce a highly reflective surface that is free from scratches and deformation, and are then examined by naked eyes or under the microscope. VICTOR has recently sealed an order for a complete set of HITECH Metallographic Sample Preparation Machine with AKASEL Consumable to a leading manufacturer of mechanical spring and various other metal components as for home and electrical appliances, automotives and etc.While waiting for the delivery of the ordered set, VICTOR has extended our help for an urgent job requirement by lending our showroom facility to our customer. The user, Siva has a thumb-up for the good experience he has from ease of use and the excellent result for the visual inspect clarity of Fusion bonding effect for the metal specimen.
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