Oil & Gas Industries

Model : VAW 8000 Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine
Application : Tensile test for Bolt & Nuts

Model : Double Column Table Top VEW 2308 Universal Testing Machine
Application : Tensile test on pipe coating material

Model : Hydraulic Compression Machine
Application : (Will be updated soon..)

Location: Togo, Lomé, West Africa

Client Industry: Palm & Vegetable Oil Producer

Type of Visit: Machine Installation & Commissioning (Product Briefing & Training on Machine Usage & Software guidance)

Product Highlight: Universal Testing Machine VEW 2308E 10kN

Client’s Reason of Purchase: Their Jerry Cans, got damaged due to overloaded stack-up. So containers were rejected and returned. To prevent further rework they ordered our UTM to do Compression Testing on their various palm oil jerry cans. So that they know what is the weight limit that the jerry cans can be placed on top of each other, so there is no broken containers during the logistics & transportation process.

Client’s Application/Usage: On average they will use about about 2000 N (200 KG) of loading weight onto most of their bigger containers.

Client’s Feedback: Customer was satisfied & happy with the performance of the machine and training. William also did help our client to create a customised report for their testing purposes too.