7 Money Saving Tips For Online Painting by Mr Udo Bucher

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Are you still depend on guesswork in your production cost control $$$ ?
GUESS NO MORE! Here is the solution, to Control the Paint Thickness Timely & Accurately During Production

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DearClient …………,
We would like to invite you to a seminar that will show an exciting range of products for high precision on-line paint film thickness measurement. The seminar will be at our offices in Kuala Lumpur from 9AM to 12 pm on Tuesday the 17th November ’15 and will show a range of products from Wolf Innovation by Mr Udo Bucher from Australia, who specialise in industrial coatings quality control.



Coil Coating

WFM1 – On line wet film thickness measurement
· WFM1 allows the paintline operator to set up the precise correct film thickness on the coater before coating commences providing maximum product yield from the 1st meter. WFM1 monitors film build throughout every coil

DFM1 – On line dry film thickness measurement
· Situated immediately after the main oven air dryer, DFM1 provides a precise measurement up to 0.1 micrometres of dry film build.
· DFM1 monitors thickness and provides a comprehensive record of production for every tonne coming off the paint line

PVS1 – Paint volume Solids testing
· Using just 1 drop of paint, the paint volume solids is determined in just 5 minutes
· Accurately determine the cost of paint per square metre and determine the volume of paint needed for every production run

Phaeton – Laboratory paint film thickness testing
· Provides an unprecedented level of accuracy by measuring up to 1000 points across a full width strip in about 2 seconds
· Provides the precise paint thickness profile across the strip.


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